1. hey keep my front line CPO inventory looking AMAZING!

    I have worked with Donavan and his team at Three Sixty Recon for many years now. The service and quality product they provide is essential to meeting my customer’s expectations every day, especially in a highline store. They keep my front line CPO inventory looking AMAZING! Chris Friedah Pre-Owned Manager Jim Hudson LEXUS Columbia…Read More

    Chris Friedah
  2. How and why did you get started with Three Sixty Recon?

    What was training like? I went through the same one week training program in an actual working territory that trainees go through today. It was hands on training conducted by Travis. I had a difficult time learning the process at first because I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was. Therefore, I had to pay close attention and really focus on exactly what it was that Travis …Read More

    Donovan Scott